Create and Consume

by The Love Dimension

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released September 4, 2014

Jimmy Dias - vocals, guitar
Celeste Obomsawin - vocals, percussion
Devin Farney - vocals, keys
Sonny Pearce - drums, percussion
Tommy Anderson - bass

Additional guitar by Scott Hawkins
12 string guitar on "O Beautiful Girl" by Jeremy Powers
Sitar on "Like the Feeling of the Sun" by Matt Robeson

Recorded, mixed and mastered July 2012 through September 2013.

Mixed by Jason Kick and mastered by Jeremy Rosenblum at Studio SQ in San Francisco, CA.

Recorded and engineered at Ex'pression College in Emeryville, CA with the help of:
Spencer Thibo, Francois Tuazon, Steven Bull, Maxwell Allen, Bryce Recordan, Michael Perez, Gabriel Brown, Kyan Taylor, Hannah Ozeran, Chris Heidorn, Mike Shaupp, Ivan M. Piesh, Tiffany McCoy, Chris Jordan, Arielle De Leon, David Ford, Andres AJ Martinez, Erik Larson, Aadith Srinivasan, Jaime Morris, Makana Muanga, Will Clark, David Ogilvy, Dennis Kalligas, Jonathan Ojeda, Michael Carter, Robert Goodson, Greg Anderson, Deborah Atienza

Cover art by michael malinski

Graphic design and layout by Yasamine June

All Songs by the Love Dimension
Copyright 2014

Warrior Monk Records - WMR007



all rights reserved


The Love Dimension San Francisco, California

San Francisco musical collective The Love Dimension steeped itself in the music of the psychedelic era of the '60s then infused it with the sound of ‘90s grunge and other more contemporary influences to create mind-expanding music. Resonating with the consciousness expanding goals of the ‘60s movement, TLD creates sonic architecture for the benefit of all sentient beings across the multi-verse. ... more


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Track Name: And So Love Begins
And So Love Begins

Up down left right
Good bad wrong right
No need to fight
Use what you got inside

North east south west
Which way’s the best?
Is this another test?
Well, I can always count on you when love begins
And so love begins

I been broken down
I been left in riot
I’ve been to hell and back
But I know it’ll be alright when love begins
And so love begins

Galaxies Spinning
Listen to them sing
And as the mountains ring
You will know you are on your way when love begins
And so love begins
And soul love begins
Track Name: Sure Get a Lot
Sure Get A Lot

I sure get a lot from listening to my heart
And when I stop I get caught up lost in my mind
When I’m on track and don’t hold back
I open up another path, a neural path

I wanna feel alive in every moment of my life
Ask and detach, there is no catch
If you second guess, you will miss your match

I sure get a lot, sure get a lot

When I’m in your arms, I feel disarmed
And I wonder how I could’ve caused you harm
We’ve put up these walls, but they’re destined to fall
When you start with your heart, you can have it all

Sure get a lot, listen to your heart
Listen, listen to your heart

When we wonder why we should even try
There’s a line we draw, it’s no surprise
There’s no getting away as we move through the maze
It connects up like waves in every single way
You’re not sure what to do and you feel so confused
Take a second to breath, don’t go blowing a fuse
And before you reply to what’s right or wrong
Know that we’ll stand by and help you move along

Sure get a lot, listen to your heart
Listen, listen to your heart
Sure get a lot
Track Name: Inner Eye Insight
Inner Eye Insight

When you gonna wake your inner eye?
When you gonna wake your inner eye insight?

I know a ghost who clings onto its host
It's your choice to let it go and send it home

When you gonna wake your inner eye?
When you gonna wake your inner eye insight?

High in mother sky
Down low on father earth
Deep in sister ocean
Wild in brother fire

When you gonna wake your inner eye?
When you gonna wake your inner eye insight?

Learn to love yourself and everyone else
Track Name: Who's to Say
Who’s to Say

Everyone has to face the music
Everyone has to pay a price
Everyone has to act sincerely
Everyone, everyone plays nice

But who’s to say, who’s to say

Everyone goes from day to day and on
Doing things they’re told that they should do
If everyone stopped to look more closely
They would see, they would see right through

But who’s to say now, and who’s to say
Track Name: Down the 1010101
Down the 101

I'm truckin' down the 101
My controls set for the heart of the sun
I've been driving for far too long
Ever since the day I was born

I'm truckin down the 101
On my way to Ojai town
I've been waiting for oh so long
To hear notes of that sacred song

Rockin' and Rollin'
Singing these blues away
Down in the valley for everyone to hear
And I'll howl as loud as I can
Until all beings awake and do the same

down the 101, down the 101
Track Name: Foggy City Blues
Foggy City Blues

Here comes the fog rolling towards that hill
White shadows surrounding everything
It's moving over the ole grand view dune
The wind is howling
Why can't I find the moon?

Hey hey my dear
I want you to be near

I'm wandering up in my crazy mind
Whatever happened to that clear blue sky?
Trippin' and rollin' through the sea of white
Out of the sunset to the mission night

Hey hey my dear
I want you to be near

I think I got them foggy city blues
Oh yeah I got them foggy city blues

Hey hey my dear
I want you to be near

Hey, hey, hey
Track Name: O Beautiful Girl
O Beautiful Girl

O beautiful girl, that I saw last night
Wanna be next to you, make love to you all night
Lost in your sparkling eyes and your velvet smile
O beautiful girl what a nice surprise

O beautiful girl

O beautiful girl, all dressed in black
With your golden hair and brilliant laugh
I was looking at you
I know you saw me too
O beautiful girl, I wanna be with you

O beautiful girl

O beautiful girl, bathed in blue moonlight
You got me floating around infinite spirals of sound
When our eyes meet again, chemical reaction
We're gonna link up our hearts just like they were from the start

O beautiful girl
Track Name: Have You Had Enough
Have You Had Enough

How long must we fight these wars?
How long can we repeat the past?
How many lives must they take?
Before we're all awake

Have you had enough?
I've had more than enough

Why can't we live together
And create heaven on Earth
Light and love will guide us
And end this senseless fighting

Have you had enough?
I've had more than enough

No, no, no, no more war
I said no, no, no, no more war
Track Name: Like the Feeling of the Sun
Like the Feeling of the Sun

There’s a better way, than to put yourself down
There’s another way, I can show you how
You can disappear, but I’ll see you again
When you reappear, might wonder where you went

Ahhhh Ahh, Ahhhh Ahhh
Like the feeling of the sun
I like the feeling of

Do you understand, that you came from the stars
Can you understand, they’re not so far
Ancient architects, the knowledge within
Illuminating out and tuning in

I like the feeling of
The Sun